I have been to All Natural more times than I can count. Renee is always so sweet and nurturing towards my daughter. Having lice sucks but having Renee in my corner makes tackling the job so much easier. She gets the job done every time! My daughter has the thickest curliest hair you can imagine and every time we leave there lice free. I recommend Renee to everyone I know!

First I want to say that I LOVE ,LOVE ,LOVE RENEE AND WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER SERVICES!!!!!! I called Renee after attempting to remove lice from my daughters hair . I wasn't totally sure if I had removed all the lice and explained this to Renee and she was able to get us in the next day for an appointment which I greatly appreciated . From the moment my daughter and I walked into her facility my daughter and I felt extremely comfortable . Renee was warm and welcoming and calmed my nerves right away . She is very knowledgeable and explained everything about lice including the myths. If we were to experience a lice episode again which I hope we do not the only person I would call and go to would Renee . I cant say enough good things about her and her products which she did not push on to me at all . Thank you Renee for your help and for the being the great person you are . xoxoxo Tanya 

Simply the best!!!!!! Renée and her staff were truly a godsend. One visit and 100% gone. AMAZING!!!!!Never again will I waste money or time on store bought products. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

What a lifesaver Renee and her partner were. 5 of us came in, got checked, shampooed, treated and were out in less than 90 minutes. My kids were so scared and were crying over this. Within seconds upon arriving Renee made us all feel comfortable. It's 3 days later and we are all still lice free. So is my house, with minimal cleaning thanks to Renee. All I could think about was how much work this was going to be and how embarrassing and awful that it happened to me. Thanks to Renee I left feeling like...no biggie!! We got this!! Thanks Renee. You are worth every cent we spent

I brought my 2 year old daughter to go see Renee. She was amazing with my daughter and made her feel so incredibly safe and she didn't even move. She loved the pretty pink hair tie in her head and Renee even checked me while my daughter sat on my lap. She was so excited to look like twins by the time we left. She squeezed us in right away and I went home with this wonderful spray that I could use on my car seat so I wouldn't have to take it apart. She had a wonderful kit that I was able to take home including the shampoo and comb so I could check my son as well. Her all natural ingredients worked wonders for my family and I! I will always come back to her if I ever have an issue again. Thank you so much!!!!

I highly recommend Renees service for anyone dealing with this very stressful issue! Within 2 hours of getting a call from my daughters school nurse, we were in the salon having our family treated! Renee is supportive and professional. We left feeling reassured and much less stressed! She has great product available for sale too! I have ready passed on her name to family and friends. Thank you again for everything!

Oct 28, 2016 
Middlebury Mom
Wow where do I begin ?! Well, my daughter caught lice . Now being that I was never in this position before and only heard horror stories from other parents I was completely appalled upset and neurotic that it happened to us! I spent well over $200 in over-the-counter products and was still seeing lice in my kids hair ! So when I called my daughter out of school for the second day in a row, the nurse gave me The Lice Lady from Brookfield's number! I contacted Renée and she gave me a same day appointment within hours of speaking with her! She was completely thorough she educated me about everything I needed to know about lice and also set me at ease knowing that her regimen was going to return my child back to school that very next day lice free! She offered an all natural lice removing regimen that is not harmful to my daughter or her skin or hair . When I called my pediatrician when I first found lice in my daughters hair they advised me to get over the counter NiX and put it in my child's hair and leave it in overnight with a shower cap which I did -well it ended up burning the back of my daughters neck and skin! She has been itching it for over three days now the poor kid ! And I didn't know any better! I've never had to go through this before. You hear stories on how gross it is in cleaning and how disgusting it is and things like that but how was I supposed to know what to do, there's no handbook and the Internet scares the crap out of you and you don't know what to believe anyways-so I called my doctors office and the nurse who answered the phone told me to do this- so I was only doing what I was told to do from a nurse which makes it even more disgusting! I feel so bad, but now I know! Now I know what to do and who to call!! Wow what a horrible thing to tell someone to do to a child's head with all those chemicals!! That nurse should be retrained and educated on lice for sure! If she's told me to do it she told everyone else to do the same I'm sure!! Renee is a lifesaver! Renée took her time combing through my daughters long hair she was gentle and she made her comfortable and even made her laugh! It honestly was just an all-around good experience given the horrible reason on why we were actually there for! Her shop was very clean she had more than one station available ,there was all natural products she used, a shampoo, conditioner and even a preventative spray was available for purchase and she did not try to oversell me like most people would have given the situation! I wish I would of known of the lice lady from Brookfield' sooner it would've saved me a lot of time aggravation and money ! I strongly recommend for you to contact Renée even if it's just for a consult it'll save your sanity for sure!! 


Renee and her helper were wonderful as are the products they sell. They made a very stressful situation much easier and we are thankful. I have already recommended them to several people!

Sept 2016
Simply AMAZING! I called Renee crying (not kidding). My daughter has curly long hair. I tried to do it myself, but couldn't. I was hurting my daughter and stressing. My daughter had a severe case. Renee did it without any problem, and took us that day I called. She is AMAZING. My daughter felt so much better after Renee took care of her. I put Anonymous but if I ever hear of anyone that finds themselves with lice I will gladly give them Renee's number. 

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I enjoyed how inviting and sweet Rene was. It was very easy to talk to her, and she did an amazing and hurt-free job at cleaning my hair. I recommend anyone in the area to come to her if they find themselves needing her services! 

Upon finding out I had gotten lice I went to the drugstore to buy a lice removal kit. Even after following all the directions I still had lice. I was referred to Renee through a mutual source and I am so grateful. Renee has got to be one of the nicest people I have ever met. I was immediately put at ease. Renee did a wet scalp evaluation and after finding lice preceded with the treatment. Renee was very gentle with all parts of the procedures, and I was comfortable enough to converse. I left Renee with specific instructions that were easy to follow and Lice Logic shampoo and an amazing nit comb. I left the shop Lice free and would recommend Renee to anyone in the area in need of this service. M in Brookfield


Was referred by my pediatrician. Thankfully Renee fit us in later that same day. She was very warm and friendly and made me feel less overwhelmed about the situation. I hope to not have to use her again (!) but do highly recommend her.

Located in Brookfield CT  


Jennessy Hannigan, age 9
24 hours after initial treatment my mom combed my hair out and we didn't find anything. I can't believe All Natural got all the lice out in just an hour or two, just like they

Renee is a true professional, and very skilled at what she does. Her expertise is never hampered by her warmth and caring nature. She helped my family on two separate occasions-- over the phone, and at her lab. What I remember most is how accessible she was, how she helped 'talk me down', and most of all, how effective the products are!! We were one of those families that had tried everything else. This is THE definitive solution to the lice problem! 


Renee was wonderful not only with the kids, but with me! She gave me so much information and definitely eased my anxiety over the situation. The office is very clean and very child friendly. My girls came home with pretty bows in their hair and didn't have a negative thing to say. The products used are all natural and effective. I would highly recommend Renee to anyone in this stressful situation! Sharon

When I got the call from school that my daughter had lice, I panicked. I remembered a friend had told me excellent things about Renee, so I called immediately. She saw us within an hour and my daughter left there lice-free. She gave us perfect instructions about what to do after leaving, so that we left without questions. My daughter felt so comfortable there and Renee was good in dealing with children and all of the questions! She made a scary situation so much easier. Highly recommended!

I have 1 word-----AMAZING!!! From the moment I reached out to Renee, I received a response in 10 minutes. My daughter & I were seen the very next morning. The salon is immaculate, super kid friendly, & very informative. I felt very well educated walking out the door. Renee, you are an angel. What a warm, kind soul you are. Thank you so much for taking such great care of myself & my daughter. We are so grateful. Name:
walking out the door. Renee, you are an angel. What a warm, kind soul you are. Thank you so much for taking such great care of myself & my daughter. We are so grateful.

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