Renee is a true professional, and very skilled at what she does. Her expertise is never hampered by her warmth and caring nature. She helped my family on two separate occasions-- over the phone, and at her lab. What I remember most is how accessible she was, how she helped 'talk me down', and most of all, how effective the products are!! We were one of those families that had tried everything else. This is THE definitive solution to the lice problem!

Our Natural approach to Lice Removal

We are proud to be highly recommended by so many pediatricians and school nurses.

They tell their patients to call us for reliable same day service, and for our impeccable reputation.


Relax Mom!  WE GOT THIS.

100% Guaranteed

Professional Service

100% Guaranteed, Safe & Non-toxic

All school teachers, school nurses, 

Police Officers, Firefighters and Veterans and their families receive a $20.00 discount off the first hour of treatment/service.
{all above must show proper id}


Many of our competitors advertise "lice Free in 1 hour" or 90minute. So We wanted to grab your attention as well , NOW THAT WE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION, HERE IS THE TRUTH THE OTHERS DONT TELL YOU:


The Real Truth is..

Sometimes we are finished in an hour or less
Time ALWAYS depends on the hair length, texture and infestation, and the child's cooperation.

Not every case is exactly the same, therefore it would be untrue to promise everyone is done properly in the same  amount of time

Here at All Natural Lice Removal Service we "GUARANTEE YOU WILL LEAVE LICE AND NIT FREE" which means you may return to school {and yes, please get checked by the nurse for accuracy} or work immediately, with completely clean and clear hair. 

 The Only way to be 100% LICE FREE is to REMOVE ALL NITS and LICE... THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE DO. There are no surprises, no hidden fees, and we show you exactly what is going on. We walk you through the entire process.  We are also fully equipped with proper lighting, magnification tools and Head/eye-visors to properly evaluate each case, and Real lice Experts with YEARS of experience on hand to see and REMOVE everything. (Unlike our Competitors).

{Please know all the "right questions" to ask if Booking your appointment elsewhere.. Knowledge is Power.}

Example: 1. Will I leave completely NIT free?

2. What happens exactly if I am not nit free in the promised 1 hour or 90 minute time frame?

3. Can the school nurse check and confirm I am Nit Free?

4. How much extra do you charge to comb all the nits out?

5. What is your hourly rate?

We are so confident in our work that we GUARANTEE it, as long as we check all family members.

Located  In Brookfield Ct. Exit 7 or 9 off  I 84 call for info and appointment today.

Established in 2012  Lovingly known as The Lice Lady of Ct.  

Call for info and directions.   203-702-3379

Lice-Free In ONE Visit

Simply the best!!!!!! Renée and her staff were truly a godsend. One visit and 100% gone. AMAZING!!!!!Never again will I waste money or time on store bought products. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Our personal touch, complete privacy, professionally trained, certified technicians and beautiful salon are the reason we are the #1 Professional Lice Removal Clinic In Ct.  Well, there is that and our impeccable reputation.  We are honest, trustworthy, and treat you like family. Ask anyone that's ever been here before!

ANLR opened in 2012, and has treated thousands of families in our Brookfield Ct. Salon. We are highly recommended by all local Pediatricians and school nurses. (Please call and ask about us!)

Located just a few minutes off Exit 7 or 9 off I84.

Not a Franchise, We are a Family Owned and Operated Business where you get the Owner (highly qualified, trained, and certified Lice Expert) for your treatment, and her personal guarantee.  {We treat you like FAMILY.} There is no "call-in center" where you get an inexperienced person reading from an "answer sheet", You speak directly to the Owner,  she will give you her cell number to call for any questions, and help you through out the entire process. 

I brought my 2 year old daughter to go see Renee. She was amazing with my daughter and made her feel so incredibly safe and she didn't even move. She loved the pretty pink hair tie in her head and Renee even checked me while my daughter sat on my lap. She was so excited to look like twins by the time we left. She squeezed us in right away and I went home with this wonderful spray that I could use on my car seat so I wouldn't have to take it apart. She had a wonderful kit that I was able to take home including the shampoo and comb so I could check my son as well. Her all natural ingredients worked wonders for my family and I! I will always come back to her if I ever have an issue again. Thank you so much!

Our service is 100% Guaranteed!

Our clients may return to work or school immediately after our treatment. Come visit our beautiful, clean, child friendly salon.

We have successfully treated thousands of families.

Simply AMAZING! I called Renee crying (not kidding). My daughter has curly long hair. I tried to do it myself, but couldn't. I was hurting my daughter and stressing. My daughter had a severe case. Renee did it without any problem, and took us that day I called. She is AMAZING. My daughter felt so much better after Renee took care of her. If I ever hear of anyone that finds themselves with lice I will gladly give them Renee's number.

Fast Head Lice Treatment  
No Follow up needed 

(except for severe cases)

Insurance Reimbursement Available

We are a Pediatrician recommended service

All of our products are natural,

safe, and non toxic.

These products along with our impeccable service, work 100x better than any available over the counter or prescription chemical treatment available.

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 AKA : Brookfield Lice Clinic, The Lice Lady of Ct

Fast & Affordable One and Done in a single treatment.  You will be 100% Lice and Nit Free in one visit. No additional hours or follow up visits that cost you time and money. 

Our Pricing
(In Salon)
Hourly Rate $89.99

(Discounted regularly $99.) 

Head checks $24.99 (Regularly $35.)

Discount head checks offered on 3 or more family members (if all present at same time)

We do the most thorough, meticulous head check, to determine even the most recent exposure. 

If found positive for head lice the “head check” fee is waived and it’s only the hourly fee

Option # 2 -Do it your self take home kit $59. Complete Kit.

(includes lice treatment shampoo and professional metal nit comb) and instructions

By Appointment Only

Monday-Friday- 9am- 7pm

Saturday- 10-6

Sunday - 11-3

Please Text us 203-702-3379 (Please include your full name)