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How to properly clean my home:

Extreme temperatures kill lice, boiling, freezing, and time off the head (48hrs)

The dryer for 30 minutes on high heat kills lice. (if you can dry a wet wash cloth in your dryer on high heat in 30 minutes, then its hot enough to kill Lice)

The washing machine does NOT kill lice unless it has boiling water. So for lice ridding purposes it is the dryer you must use.

Items placed in the freezer for 48hrs will also be lice free. (remember back packs, helmets, head phones, hair brushes, hair ties.)

Here is the plan:

Begin by collecting all items that need to be placed in the dryer. Bag them up and place near your dryer. Just add a load every 30 min. After 30 min all lice are dead.

Strip the beds. Take off the fitted sheet and everything above it. EX: fitted sheet, flat sheet, blankets comforter, pillow, pillow case, and any stuffed animals that were on the bed. Collect all recently worn pajamas, head towels, bath towels, hats, scarfs, back packs.

Place all of these items in the dryer on high heat for 30 min.

LICE DO NOT BURROW, therefore there is no need to take off mattress pad.

Lice do not want to crawl away from your head, they need your head to survive.

Vacuum all rugs (vacuum in all directions..up down, then side to side, Lice have claws and can hang on)

Vacuum all couches, soft chairs, bean bags, car seats. Vacuum your car.

Vacuum, or lightly mop hard surfaced floors.


Call us today, we will get you in, fix it all up, and your whole family will leave lice free!


As you may know, head lice has become highly resistant to  over the counter and prescription chemicals. Using RID, NIX, or SKLICE (or generic brands) does not work. Many of our clients have used some or all of these, but still come in with active cases of head Lice.  It is a true waste of money and time to use these harmful chemicals.  If you find head lice, and you cannot get here for help, our best advice is to slather head and scalp with Olive Oil (or coconut oil), this will stop all movement, biting, itching and will contain it to prevent spreading. Place a towel over the pillow and sleep with it on.  It must be washed 3x ( using Dawn dish detergent is best) to remove all oils before you arrive here for your appointment. This is safer and much better than any chemical product whether its OTC or Prescription.

Also, keep in mind using "prevention products" on an active case of head lice, does not treat or cure it.


After you leave here lice free, you can clean your home once and be all done!

We make it very easy, and stress free.

 All Natural Lice Removal Service  teaches you how you can clean your home in 2.5 hours or less. You only have to clean ONE TIME.  The rest of your focus is on the head. The best way to beat lice is to focus on the head NOT THE HOUSE. You must do some cleaning, but not as much as you think.  Lice can only live off the head for 48 hours. So if there is a room in your home that you are too overwhelmed to clean, just shut the door and stay out for 2 days. If you are worried that clothes in drawers or clothing in closets are contaminated, then take out what you need for the next 2 days, run it through the dryer for 30 min and keep doors and drawers closed for 2 days.

Another helpful tip: checking a dry head of hair for Lice in very inaccurate. It can be a false negative more often than you would expect. If you suspect the possibility of head lice, you should get a professional head check, ours are 100% accurate, and can let you know even if its right at the very beginning, or a recent exposure to head lice.

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