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Our proven effective technique, combined with our amazing products that actually KILL the Nits as well as the live LICE, is the reason why we are Connecticut's Premier Lice Removal Salon.

 We are the ONLY service that Guarantees all NITS will be DEAD! No other company kills nits as well as the louse.

This is the Key to a successful lice removal service.

We want to welcome you to our salon, where we treat you like family.

We are here to help. Call us today.

*We provide a complete head check.

*Will treat hair with pesticide free, eco-friendly, all natural lice treatment products.

*Thoroughly comb through hair to remove lice and nits. Using our proven strand by strand method.

*Will provide updated Lice literature, including truths and myths about lice.

*Provide detailed take home instructions. Home cleaning information, and Prevention information.

*All done by a professionally trained staff.

Our Pricing

Hourly Rate $99.00

Head checks range from $30-$35

If found positive for head lice the “head check” fee is waived and it’s only the hourly fee.


By Appointment Only

Monday-Friday- 10am- 6pm

Saturday- 11-4

Sunday - Closed

Holiday and after, before, or emergency case  hours available

upon request at $149.00 per hour.

Call or text for your appointment- 203-702-3379

Benefits of coming to All Natural Lice Removal Service :


# Not required to buy special laundry detergents and other gimmicks.

#Competitive Pricing 

# Highly experienced and fully trained technicians.

# Safe and kid friendly place for the whole family.

# Pediatrician recommended service.

# Pediatrician References available.

# Reliable, honest, trustworthy, family owned and operated business.

#We will provide a return to school/camp/work note, upon request 

# Our Service may be covered by your medical Insurance company, as well as FSA, HRA, and HSA accounts.

#Information and References available upon request.

How long does it take?  Time depends on hair type, length, texture, infestation, and child's cooperation.

On Average  an estimate for a boy with short hair = 30 minutes - 1 hour

On Average  an estimate for a girl with long hair (shoulder length) = 1.5 - 2.5 hours

(not severe cases)

All family members (any one who lives in, or works in same home as infected person) must be checked here in order to honor our guarantee.

We recognize your urgency to be lice free. That's why we offer same day service as much as possible.  Call Today!

Because head lice are very contagious we urge the whole family to get checked.

AKA: The Lice Lady of Ct

Head Lice Treatment Center

Located in Brookfield CT