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​​ Our service Guarantees all NITS and Lice will be completely removed, leaving  you 100% nit free and louse free.

Getting checked by the school nurse after leaving here is NEVER a problem!



Benefits of coming to All Natural Lice Removal Service :

# Highly experienced and fully trained & certified technicians.

# Owner on Premises, Lice Expert

#Competitive Pricing

# No Hidden Costs, not required to buy "special" laundry detergent or other gimmicks.

# Safe and kid friendly place for the whole family.

# Pediatrician recommended service.

# Pediatrician References available.

#Not A Franchise

# Reliable, honest, trustworthy, family owned and operated business.

#You will Leave here 100% Lice and Nit Free and may return to work or school immediately

#We will provide a return to school/camp/work note, upon request 

# Our Service may be covered by your medical Insurance company, as well as FSA, HRA, and HSA accounts.

# We will provide Health Insurance Claim forms with your take home packet.

#Information and References available upon request.

#Free Ongoing support

#No Follow up necessary

Simply AMAZING! I called Renee crying (not kidding). My daughter has curly long hair. I tried to do it myself, but couldn't. I was hurting my daughter and stressing. My daughter had a severe case. Renee did it without any problem, and took us that day I called. She is AMAZING. My daughter felt so much better after Renee took care of her. If I ever hear of anyone that finds themselves with lice I will gladly give them Renee's number.

Insurance Information

We are  HSA, FSA, and HRA account approved.

We provide the necessary codes and claim forms for your submission for reimbursement

Please check with your employer or health plan administrator for more details.

Additionally lice removal/treatment services may be deductible on your personal income tax return. 

Please talk to your tax advisor for further guidance.